Morteza Saifi

Morteza is inspired by the sustainable approach to the production in the fashion industry and the long lasting impact it can have in elevating the lives of those engaged in its supply chain. His mission to create this rewarding experience of sustainable production brought him to Africa.

Morteza brings years of experience in the fashion industry to Panâh.  His entrepreneurial experience started with launching his eponymous clothing line in 1998 in New York.  Later Morteza held several high positions such as executive creative director at Vince Camuto, where he directed the design, development and production of the multi brand fashion company.

As the founder and CEO of Panâh, Morteza’s main focus is to pass on knowledge and know-how of making luxury quality products to the underprivileged youth of Kenya that will allow them to gain economic independence and prosperity.



Evgeniya Khromina

As Panâh’s Co-founder and President, Evgeniya Khromina’s work is inspired by the vision of prosperous Africa.  Evgeniya is in charge of Pan-African business relations and the social and environmental mission of the company.

Evgeniya initiates social and educational programs to empower women and youth employed in the company through building sustainable partnerships with selected non-profit organizations. She facilitates Panâh’s engagement in community capacity building through collaboration with vocational training organizations and women’s groups in Kenya. 

Evgeniya incorporates the industry’s best sustainable practices to Panâh and identifies company suppliers that are aligned with the company’s ethical and environmental values.